Brad Childress : Heart of a Champion

This video was brought to our attention by Joel from Green Bay. A man who even as a Packer Fan, has felt compassion for our beloved purple. ┬áIn this 2009 NFL films production, Chilly is mic’d up. Between 2:00 and 2:30 some special moments are shared between Brad Childress and his players. Thanks for the memories Brad.

About The Goat

The Goat is a die hard Vikings fan whose spirit and soul is woefully bound to wins and losses. He's still not over dropped passes on the goal line, 41-0 losses, missed field goals, 12 men on the field, or game ending int's.
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One Response to Brad Childress : Heart of a Champion

  1. I’ve watched this video 2 times now. What did Childress do that was so bad here?

    (He called a time out that we didn’t get, and the Vikings scored instead…so what, that probably happens dozens of times in every sport ever invented!!!)

    What is your point about this man?

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