So. Freaking. Happy.

Stay tuned guys. There’s gonna be a party. Schlitz, kick ass music, pretty girls, Schlitz. The works. Stay tuned. It’s gonna happen.


About Scruffy The Janitor

Scruffy has been a Vikings fan since he was old enough to swear at his television. Scruffy is an occasional stand-up comedian in the Twin Cities area. Scruffy wouldn't be the man he is today without Schlitz Malt Liquor. Scruffy loves you, baby.
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  1. Matt in Madison says:

    Schlitz, kiss ass music, pretty girls………Laughed so hard …cheers to you Brother

  2. Brady says:

    And I just hung my Official Fire Chilly sign in my office today!

  3. Paula in MN says:

    I’m waiting to see the video coverage of Favre driving Chilly to the airport…

  4. Zach says:

    I KNEW you were going to post Mission Accomplished and that picture!!!!

  5. ole says:

    “Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel, is just a freight-train comin’ your Way”–James Hetfield

    “Time, choke the clock
    Steal another day
    Die faithfully
    Narcissistic fade away
    Twisted, jump the rail
    Shatter the crowd below
    Breakout, chase the ghost
    The latest high to all-time low

    Hooked into this deceiver
    Need more and more
    Into the endless fever
    Need more and more
    New consequence machine
    Burned through all your gasoline
    Asylum overtime, never mind
    You’ve reached the end of the line”–James Hetfield

  6. madman's biggest fan says:


    Let the healing begin.

  7. Oh The Humanity says:

    Not Quite as good as the Superbowl but hey it’s something to Celebrate..skol

  8. I heard 17 key members of the FireChilly squad are chartering a boat for a 3 hour tour of Lake Minnetonka to celebrate ;)

  9. Brad says:

    Next time you hear Chilly speaking into a microphone, he’ll probably be saying, “You want some kick-ass fries with that?”

    Or maybe he could go join Matt Millen in the broadcasting booth. Two guys that talk like they know more about football than anyone else but are epic fails when it comes to actually running a team in the same room would make for some interesting commentary, don’t you think?

  10. jeremy says:

    bring on Chucky or maybe rob ryan

  11. BleedPurple4Life says:

    Thank God Zygi came to his senses!!!!!!!!!

  12. BleedPurple4Life says:

    I’m smiling with images of Chilly packing up his s***t and moving out….C-YA DumbASS!!!!

  13. IdiotH8r says:

    How do u guys feel now that your team COMPLETELY sucks??? Just watched chiefs wipe the floor with the sadface vikings lmaooooo

  14. Jim says:

    This is funny that you all hate Childress so much. You were a much better team under him …. you really suck now! He’s laughing his a$$ off at you haters … just sayin’

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