Ship Has Sunk, Please Send Hope

What was on Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf’s mind when he reportedly “stormed” out of the locker room after today’s loss to the Viking’s number one rival? Was it different than after last weeks road loss to the Bears when Zygi simply offered up “No comment” ?

Today’s game completely exposed to the fans and Zygi what a complete wreck the Vikings organization is.  You could see it on the sidelines between coaches and players in the dispute between offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and aging quarterback Brett Favre.  You could see it in the harsh scolding DE Ray Edwards delivered upon rookie CB Chris Cook. Mostly, you could see it on Brad Childress’ face – as the crowd chanted “Fire Child-ress!’

As Chilly’s eyes shifted up then down and then floated slowly to the side it was apparent that he wasn’t focused on anything happening within the Dome. He was focused on his future.

We saw than look once before, it was in 2008 after the Vikings loss to the Lions.  The first time the dome ever erupted with “Fire Child-ress” on gameday. During the post-game presser, Brad Childress’ voice wavered as he said ”Fans can be mean.” From that moment on, Childress changed – he became tougher, thicker skinned, and more recluse.

For a brief moment during today’s game, you might have reached down into your Minnesota nice and felt compassion for Chilly. Was it fair that 60,000 people at the dome and tens of thousands across the country were collectively calling for his head? Could  ”Purple Fail 2010″ fall completely on one man’s shoulders?  Common sense says no – but don’t let your memory fail you.

  • Vikings need offense, Chilly gets best RB in the league
  • Vikings need more offense, Chilly gets offensive ROY
  • Vikings need pass rush, Chilly gets NFL sack leader
  • Vikings need a serviceable quarterback, Chilly gets a legend
  • Vikings need vertical threat, Chilly gets the most gifted receiver in the game

Purple Fail 2010 is not for a lack of owner attention. I can’t imagine what coaches would do for that influx of talent, and it’s reasonable to assume those coaches would he at the helm of a team with a better record than, 3-7.

There is also the “player performance” take. Yes, it’s true, players have to make plays; however,  professional coaches will tell you on the field performance both begins and ends with the coaching staff. This cannot be truer when the head coach has all final Football decisions.  When Childress demanded final decision making power during his contract extension last year, he knew damn well what power and responsibility he was taking on. If he didn’t understand the accountability that went with that power, that’s a direct reflection of Chilly’s misunderstanding of the basic rules of management.

Yet Purple Fail 2010 isn’t about a lack of talent or player performance.  It’s the cumulative effect of poor coaching  - must we remind you of…

  • Endless Tavaris bootlegs
  • Scapegoatting Gus Frerotte the after he saved your season
  • Taking a knee at half (multiple times)
  • Constant clock mismanagement
  • Horrible challenges (or lack thereof)
  • 12 men on the field, again and again
  • Ordering assistant coaches to lie in press conferences on his behalf
  • Inability to win the hearts and minds (much less respect) of his players
  • Pointing fingers at coaches, quarterbacks, even punters
  • Not adjusting your system to the specific gifts your roster has
  • Never taking responsibility himself and always – ALWAYS – being right

Brad Childress is the head of the Purple Fail 2010 beast. The head needs to be severed from the beast; it’s only then that Vikings Nation can pick up the pieces of this gut wrenching wreck and move forward. While it’s clear the Vikings cannot deliver on our playoff and Super Bowl dreams this season, the ownership can still can deliver us hope.  If we’re lucky that thought was on Zygi Wilf’s mind.


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The Goat is a die hard Vikings fan whose spirit and soul is woefully bound to wins and losses. He's still not over dropped passes on the goal line, 41-0 losses, missed field goals, 12 men on the field, or game ending int's.
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One Response to Ship Has Sunk, Please Send Hope

  1. gj says:

    The first play from scrimmage is a hand off @ the start of every game….u have a rythm QB, run a quick out route or a screen and get the passing game rolling then drive the ball on the ground. If I watch film to prepare for the purple offense, I know that if u stop the opening drive run that happens every fucking game, then u kill the heart, and it happens all the time. The rest of the NFL teams no its coming, and the team knows it. This west coast style is not being run in a true fashion. The defense suffers this year as well, maybe moreso than the talented offence…..this team needs a major realignment before free agency takes away all the talent that once wore the color purple, its not a Favre thing at all, its a whole team balance thing, and it all needs a shake. Favre can come in and run that style of offence on any team if the defence is getting him back the ball, he has seen every disguise and blitz in the NFL for 20 years, Favre can coach that offence under centre with no play calls from Chilly, which would seem like a lock for a well run team but it is poor, and it needs to change, its time to drop the hammer, get Steve Mouch in or an old Green Bay coach that has a super bowl ring…..cant recall his name, but I think he is available, and give #4 a much earned 25 million next season and watch the win column. If and its a big if…….if its all about Favre and the tools to win the super bowl, then these are the steps that must be taken….and there are no ifs in the NFL, this has to happen or the Vikes are just the Vikes in the old Metrodome for years to come, a wild card hopefull at best no matter what……New England would be a bottom dweller since the late 90′s without the coaching system in place it has now. Chilly will be fine after the wreck, he will spill beer in a huge bag of money and turn up somewhere else having learned alot about coaching and team management and above all else, its wins that take away all the bad, and what u need to do to win in NFL. Stated, let it stand.

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