Fan Pics : Fire Chilly Signs

“FIRE CHILLY” signs are showing up more places that new travelling garden gnome. Below are a few recent shots sent to us from FireChilly Nation.

We’ve also included a nice surprise – a screenshot of the “Vikings Circus” feature at which gives FireChilly Nation some major love. (Dear ESPN, we take it back when we called you jackasses… mostly.)

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About The Goat

The Goat is a die hard Vikings fan whose spirit and soul is woefully bound to wins and losses. He's still not over dropped passes on the goal line, 41-0 losses, missed field goals, 12 men on the field, or game ending int's.
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One Response to Fan Pics : Fire Chilly Signs

  1. Gregg Ball says:

    Sign idea, if not already used:


    (use different color in that second “L” in last name for emphasis)

    good luck! -gregg

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