Immediate Reaction : Bears 27 – Vikings 13

Chuck Ashley

Chuck Ashley Speaks for Viking Nation

We’re now 3-6 after an embarrassing loss to the Bears.  Arguably we hold the most talented roster in the NFL, certainly Zygi Wilf has made the roster one of the highest paid.

Brad Childress was handed the leagues best RB, best WR, offensive ROY, and NFL defensive sack leader to compliment existing pro bowl linemen on both side of the ball. Chilly works for an owner who has, at least by action, defended him vigorously, allowing the coach to focus on getting the most from his players which he clearly has not done.

Last week, the players got it done themselves – despite their coach – and they came together in the final minutes as a matter of team pride. That same pride was clearly seen in post game interviews and throughout the week.  But there is something about that kind of energy, it’s costly — it drains you.

It was obvious by watching the sidelines this week, when in a similar position, the team did not have much of it left. The effects of last week’s outpouring left a void in the team’s emotional gas tank. They left it all on the field last week. Yes they are the players, but no we can’t place all of the blame on them.

Unless that is, your name is Brad Childress who pointed his finger provided analysis in the post-game presser, “You gotta do your job.”

That’s a good idea… a DAMN good idea.  Do your job Mr. Wilf

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The Goat is a die hard Vikings fan whose spirit and soul is woefully bound to wins and losses. He's still not over dropped passes on the goal line, 41-0 losses, missed field goals, 12 men on the field, or game ending int's.
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5 Responses to Immediate Reaction : Bears 27 – Vikings 13

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  2. josh uran says:

    Get rid of Childress!

  3. Oh The Humanity says:

    Replace Childress with a Competant Coach who knows football inside and out

  4. Zach says:

    Best WR in the game?

  5. John the Viking says:

    The Vikings have the following problems, in descending order of how important they are to how we have done this year:

    1. Letting Chester Taylor “skate”: got rid of Favre’s 3rd down pass protection, which makes Favre much worse this year.
    2. Bad offensive play calling. Sorry, but Darrell Bevell must go ! Running on 1st and 10 into a stacked box. Sorry, dude, you need to be fired now !
    3. Sidney Rice being injured. This of course has hurt Favre.
    4. Lack of a pass rush. The Cover 2 is predicted on a good front-4 pass rush with no “help” from the linebackers. Where is our pass rush.

    I could defend Chilly and say that nr. 1 is on the GM, nr. 2 is on the offensive coordinator, nr. 3 just happened, and nr. 4 is on Jarred Allen.

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