A Top Ten List

Ten appropriate, descriptive words or phrases that can be formed using only the letters in the words “Brad Childress”:

  1. Childish
  2. Bald
  3. A bad leader
  4. A bad dresser
  5. Drab
  6. Rich
  7. Airhead
  8. Blasé
  9. Less desirable
  10. A sad liar

About The Madman

The Madman is a lifelong Vikings fan. He feels no personal ill-will toward Captain Chilikins, but believes that for the good of the franchise, the Captain must go.
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3 Responses to A Top Ten List

  1. Helmblogger says:

    How about…

    - Hairless clasher
    - Careless ass
    - Bearded riddler
    - Basic hassle
    - A bad hire

  2. The Madman says:

    Helmblogger, you complete me. Or at least this list. Well done!

    Here’s a phrase to put it all together: “Sir, I declare: Brad Childress is a drab, blasé, childish, hairless, balls-less, careless airheaded liar. He is a bad hire! Ish! Blah! Blech!”

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