Brad Childress for Governor

In this week’s Locker Talk, our friend Tony Tucker, his co-host Jonny, and Producer Brian of GenXXL are joined by’s very own Scruffy the Janitor! Already a few Schlitz in,  Scruffy discusses Brad Childress and the future of the Vikings.

Nothing is safe in this ruckus interview, not even Jeff Fisher’s mustache.

Listen now: Locker Talk: Sports Podcast Episode 34

Podcast Index

  1. Interview with Scruffy from – 0:55
  2. Viking Analysis – 8:55
  3. Matthew Stafford’s Injury – 11:30
  4. Channing Crowder Spit on by Le’Ron McClain – 13:25
  5. T.O. – Is He a Hall of Famer? – 15:25
  6. NBA Power Rankings – 18:00
  7. Iverson in Turkey – 18:55
  8. NFL Storylines – 20:30
  9. NFL Week 10 Tough Picks – 25:00

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Tony Tucker is an award-winning sports journalist who covers sports for GenXXL and Find Tony on Twitter @TonyGenXXL

About The Goat

The Goat is a die hard Vikings fan whose spirit and soul is woefully bound to wins and losses. He's still not over dropped passes on the goal line, 41-0 losses, missed field goals, 12 men on the field, or game ending int's.
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