So. Freaking. Happy.

Stay tuned guys. There’s gonna be a party. Schlitz, kick ass music, pretty girls, Schlitz. The works. Stay tuned. It’s gonna happen.


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Brad Childress : Heart of a Champion

This video was brought to our attention by Joel from Green Bay. A man who even as a Packer Fan, has felt compassion for our beloved purple.  In this 2009 NFL films production, Chilly is mic’d up. Between 2:00 and 2:30 some special moments are shared between Brad Childress and his players. Thanks for the memories Brad.

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Firechilly.com Classifieds

Free interception. I was thrown this as a gift by a guy in green and gold, and I really didn’t want it.  It’s yours if you want it.  I’ll leave it hanging in the air right by my hands at the goal line.  If no one takes it, I’m just going to let them score next time.  Abullah@handsofstone.org

Wanted: a working time machine! Longshot, I know, but I’m looking for a time machine that will take me back to August in Mississippi where I was happy sitting on my tractor and messing with my cell phone when these dudes showed up and convinced me to go with them.  Willing to pay up to $16 million for a reliable model that can keep this from ever happening.  I’ll throw in some blue jeans, too. Contact brett4@wranglerjeans.com.  Include a photo of your junk for a prompt reply.

Earn money fast: participate in sleep study. Research team is looking for football fans experiencing nightmares so terrible they can’t possibly be real.  Do you keep seeing your team lose in terrible ways? Can you seriously not freakin’ believe it? Earn money by letting our analysts watch you squirm.  Contact the Cruel Football Gods for more info and a confidential application.

Lost! One coach-firing trigger. I should have pulled this trigger long ago, but I misplaced it.  If you see it, please return it– or better yet, feel free to pull it yourself.  Contact zygster111@mustacheafficianados.com

Free to dog – one $%@ing meal of some $@$%! chicken.  Wait, on second thought, I wouldn’t feed this $@$%! to my dog.  Forget it.  Moss@partsunknown

Mint 2011 third round draft choice! New in box.  Collector’s item.  Willing to sell for far less than market value.  Contact frontoffice@vikingsfootball.com.

Swap! Will trade this situation for freakin’ anything! Contact either Allday28 or Harvinator and tell us what you have.  All offers considered. Seriously. This sucks.

Desperate football coach seeks new work. Technically, I’m still employed, but it can’t last much longer.  Sorry, no references available. Call me. Please. Anyone. Chilly@firechilly.com

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Ship Has Sunk, Please Send Hope

What was on Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf’s mind when he reportedly “stormed” out of the locker room after today’s loss to the Viking’s number one rival? Was it different than after last weeks road loss to the Bears when Zygi simply offered up “No comment” ?

Today’s game completely exposed to the fans and Zygi what a complete wreck the Vikings organization is.  You could see it on the sidelines between coaches and players in the dispute between offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and aging quarterback Brett Favre.  You could see it in the harsh scolding DE Ray Edwards delivered upon rookie CB Chris Cook. Mostly, you could see it Continue reading

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A Top Ten List

Ten appropriate, descriptive words or phrases that can be formed using only the letters in the words “Brad Childress”:

  1. Childish
  2. Bald
  3. A bad leader
  4. A bad dresser
  5. Drab
  6. Rich
  7. Airhead
  8. Blasé
  9. Less desirable
  10. A sad liar
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Fan Pics : Fire Chilly Signs

“FIRE CHILLY” signs are showing up more places that new travelling garden gnome. Below are a few recent shots sent to us from FireChilly Nation.

We’ve also included a nice surprise – a screenshot of the “Vikings Circus” feature at ESPN.com which gives FireChilly Nation some major love. (Dear ESPN, we take it back when we called you jackasses… mostly.)

Have some pictures to share? Send them to fanpics@firechilly.com

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Immediate Reaction : Bears 27 – Vikings 13

Chuck Ashley

Chuck Ashley Speaks for Viking Nation

We’re now 3-6 after an embarrassing loss to the Bears.  Arguably we hold the most talented roster in the NFL, certainly Zygi Wilf has made the roster one of the highest paid.

Brad Childress was handed the leagues best RB, best WR, offensive ROY, and NFL defensive sack leader to compliment existing pro bowl linemen on both side of the ball. Chilly works for an owner who has, at least by action, defended him vigorously, allowing the coach to focus on getting the most from his players which he clearly has not done.

Last week, the players got it done themselves – despite their coach – and they came together in the final minutes as a matter of team pride. That same pride was clearly seen in post game interviews and throughout the week.  But there is something about that kind of energy, it’s costly — it drains you.

It was obvious by watching the sidelines this week, when in a similar position, the team did not have much of it left. The effects of last week’s outpouring left a void in the team’s emotional gas tank. They left it all on the field last week. Yes they are the players, but no we can’t place all of the blame on them.

Unless that is, your name is Brad Childress who pointed his finger provided analysis in the post-game presser, “You gotta do your job.”

That’s a good idea… a DAMN good idea.  Do your job Mr. Wilf

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Coaching, Communication, Comedy : Chilly’s Triple Fail

Have you ever been run over by a truck?  Get ready! Chad Margulius from intheOT.com has again delivered.  In his response to deadman walking, Chad brashly scolds Chilly for continuing to use his finger instead of a mirror. We start with the “joke” Childress flung out there during his presser. #nosocialskills #andwedontbelieveyouwerejoking

Oh.. you’re finished?  Well allow Chad to retort! #truckincomming

(Republished here at Firechilly.com with the express permission (and request) of intheOT.com — thanks Chad!)
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Brad Childress for Governor

In this week’s Locker Talk, our friend Tony Tucker, his co-host Jonny, and Producer Brian of GenXXL are joined by FireChilly.com’s very own Scruffy the Janitor! Already a few Schlitz in,  Scruffy discusses Brad Childress and the future of the Vikings.

Nothing is safe in this ruckus interview, not even Jeff Fisher’s mustache.

Listen now: Locker Talk: Sports Podcast Episode 34

Podcast Index

  1. Interview with Scruffy from FireChilly.com – 0:55
  2. Viking Analysis – 8:55
  3. Matthew Stafford’s Injury – 11:30
  4. Channing Crowder Spit on by Le’Ron McClain – 13:25
  5. T.O. – Is He a Hall of Famer? – 15:25
  6. NBA Power Rankings – 18:00
  7. Iverson in Turkey – 18:55
  8. NFL Storylines – 20:30
  9. NFL Week 10 Tough Picks – 25:00

The GenXXL blog covers the latest news in bodybuilding, fitness, sports, health and nutrition. http://GenXXL.com
Tony Tucker is an award-winning sports journalist who covers sports for GenXXL and BleacherReport.com. Find Tony on Twitter @TonyGenXXL
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Fan Blog: Making Sense of Moss

The events of the past week involving Randy Moss, Brad Childress and the Minnesota Vikings have provided fodder for the usual harsh and premature judgments that the league and media often direct at the star receiver.  However, Childress’ actions would suggest that there is a profound misunderstanding of Moss that is prevalent around the league. Even long-time friend and former teammate, Cris Carter, has admitted that he ultimately does not understand Moss. Moss, he assumes, has issues with authority figures when the receiver begins to doubt their capability.

Childress has also demonstrated a profound lack of understanding and foresight when it comes to Moss. Continue reading

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